5 Things Athletes need to Consider with Vegan and Plant-Based Diets

Plant Nutrient Thieves: Phytates and Oxalates

Plants contain active components called Phytates and Oxalates which bond to minerals in the gastrointestinal track and pull them through and out of the waste management system. Some plants have a higher ability to bond to minerals; i.e. chia seeds, spinach, then others.

Endurance products; such as Humma gels, taste great and are developed with the good intentions with fruit and chia seeds however, the real fact is that the chia seeds may not be allowing your system to absorb electrolytes. The seeds bond to the minerals and do not allow the electrolytes and other minerals to be absorbed into your body.

MOXiLIFE uses Albion™ Minerals in our nutrition. The molecular structure of Albion™ patented Chelated Minerals reduce the negative effects of phytates and oxalates allowing maximum absorption.


The point being; understand the ingredients of your nutrition and not just buy because it tastes good.

You don’t buy running shoes because of the color now do you?


 Nutrient Density is a thing of the Past:

Our Produce; both plants and vegetables, are approximately 30% less in nutritional value vs 30 years go. We make a great attempt to eat only whole foods; meats, fruits and vegetables, and reduced our processed foods intake however the bottom line is for endurance athletes to maximize performance you must supplement and with those supplements that are proven to be ‘absorbed’.


Increased Sugars = Increased Calories:

The difficulty with plant-based diets is the amount of produce needed to achieve the desired nutritional intake as well as the amount of sugars in the fruits.   Juicing extracts the fibers in the fruits which is both good and bad. Great to get a concentrated juice drink supplying a robust nutrient content however the reduced fibers increase the potential for sugar spikes and beneficial attributes of fiber to the microbiome. Added sugars will increase inflammation and muscle soreness.

Plants are also a great source of Magnesium which can offset the increased muscle soreness and inflammation due to the natural anti-inflammatory effects. It is all about a balance in your diet.



Where do you get Your Iron?

Iron is the # 1 Globally deficient mineral with Vegans, Vegetarians and those athletes reducing meats from the diet. Heme iron is derived from animals and is a dense food source and is an easily absorbed form of Iron. Non-Heme (derived from plants) source of iron include; lentils, nuts, broccoli, chickpea, tofu.

Endurance athletes required iron to increase blood levels to enhance the oxygenation of muscles and organs. The RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) is 18mg. Female athletes; during monthly cycles, require a minimum of 27mg daily to replenish losses. During race week it is recommended to increase your uptake to a minimum of 27mg to elevate your hemoglobin levels to maximize your muscle oxygenation, and reduce to 18mg for optimal daily needs.


Processed Foods:

We see a common diet mistake with *Vegetarians and Vegans changing their diets for personal and or religious beliefs; not introducing enough plants and vegetables and or vitamin and minerals supplementation. The quick fix ‘conventional’ energy bar contains a high degree of added sugars and empty calories. They are easy and maybe better than nothing at all however the convenience shouldn’t override the athlete’s nutrient needs.

*We accept and support all intentions to include a plant-based diet, however we encourage a personalized and educated approach to replete your nutrients and NOT BE LAZY.




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