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Endurance Biomarker Lab Evaluation

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 Endurance Biomarker Evaluation
Comprehensive Baseline Lab Evaluation for both men and women.
We suggest ordering prior to base training and or 4 weeks prior to your 'A Race' for optimal time for required nutrients to be absorbed into your system.
Understanding your nutrient biomarker status and specific nutrition areas needing improvement will dramatically enhance your performance and fill the nutrition gaps. 
Easy 3 Step Process:  
1. Order Lab Work Online
Select Either LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics: prices may vary according to lab
2. Provide Lab Donation
3. Private Results in 3-4 Days
The results are emailed to your personal email provided, no institution or insurance has access to these results.
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    Our customized Endurance Evaluation Panel determines critical biomarker status which are influential and vital to an Endurance Athlete. This test should be completed prior to your baseline season training and mid way though your Ironman training. Keeps you on track with your nutrition and where you might need extra attention to particular biomarker levels.
    25-hydroxy Vitamin D
    Vitamin b12
    Magnesium, RBC
    Complete Metabolic Panel
    Complete Blood Count