We bring the most recent development in carbohydrate energy sources for on the go training convenience.

Sticking with a more persnalized approach, OsmoCarb™ is a highly soluble carbohydrate source developed for adding into your electrolyte drinks.


  • No Bloating
  • No high glycemic spiking
  • Highly soluble, no clumps
  • Taste Free-No artificial anything

OsmoCarb™ Overview

  1. A single Carb source for your personalized nutrition.
  2. There are no  artificial flavors or colors added.
  3. The taste is neutral; or tasteless, however you want to look at it.
  4. It is very smooth and not gritty AT ALL.
  5. When mixed with water, it is clear. 

This unique carbohydrate passes through the stomach quickly, entering the gastrointestinal track faster than other carbohydrate forms. Once in the GI this carbohydrate is absorbed through the intestine, and isThis effectively delivers 

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