MOXiLIFE trifecta: OsmoCarb, PhytoLyte and HydraMag Combo

MOXi TriFecta Package

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MOXiLife TriFecta Package

Introducing our OsmoCarb™️ Clean, Even Burning Osmotically Balanced Carbohydrate.

Smooth Mouthfeel, Dissolves Completely, Taste Free

Mix with PhytoLyte™️ & HydraMag® for the "Best of the Best" in hydration stacks.

The synergy between Osmocarb™️ and PhytoLyte™️ [key ingredient] VitaCholine® provides the cell wall ability to efficiently absorb; not only fluid/water into the cell but the critical electrolytes necessary for efficient nerve-muscle functionality. 

        • HydraMag® = The Master Mineral Magnesium
        • PhytoLyte™ = A Robust Electrolyte-[nutrient dense] hydration
        • OsmoCarb™ = Easy Absorbing, NO Bloating Carbohydrate