The pre-emptive strike to the next day of training.

Our RecoveryMag and MOXiMELTS are both designed to be used externally. 
RecoveryMag can be used weekly or as needed.
MOXiMELTS are perfect additions to your bath and or gifting the triathlete who has everything.
  • Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4)aka Epsom Salt, is used in both our Recovery Mag and MOXiMelt products.

RecoveryMag is bath salts infused with 100% pure essential oils including Arnica, no synthetic frgrances. No frills with amazing results. Feel your muscles melt following your hard day in the saddle, in the pool or on the track.

  • Directions: Pour half a bag into bath and relax for a minimum 10 minutes. Not only will the magnesium elax your muscles the osmotic effect will also help draw out toxins.
    1. RecoveryMag can also be used to target specific soft tissues aggravations; muscle sprains, tendon pulss and tears, inflammed ligaments.
    2. Saturate a washcloth with water and pour the bathsalts on the washcloth, apply directly to affected areas. Repeat 3x daily for 20 minutes duration for best results.

    MOXiMELTs are handcrafted bath bombs, using 100% pure essential oils, no synthetic fragrances. Minimal ingredients to maximize the magnesium delivery and without skin irritating corn starch or other chemical components. Perfect gift for the triathletes who has 'everything' and a post race congratulation to yourself or your friends.

    • Directions: Drop a MOXiMELT in your bath while enjoy the soothing fragrance and melting qualities of these handcrafted bath melts.





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