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How to Prepare Your Body for a Big Race
    You must adjust your training, leisure time, and nutrition to prepare your body for a big race. Contrary to popular opinion, the last thing to do is overexert yourself right before the race day. The goal is to be both...
8 Water-Rich Foods That Will Help You Stay Hydrated During Summer
Drinking plenty of water each day is essential. In addition to refreshing you, water removes dangerous toxins from your body. It maintains your skin supple, hydrated, and free of impurities. Acne, poor skin, and dehydration are all signs that you...
MOXi “MICRO-Minutes”: Listen and Learn Audio Blog
Audio “Welcome to MOXi MICRO MINUTES”   Don’t have time to sit and read & want to learn more, just tap into our <10 minute audio blogs.  How Does HydraMag® Magnesium Help Athletes: 3 Top reasons Athletes Need More Magnesium...
Thyroid & Athletes: What You Need to Know
Audio Version: We are seeing an increase in thyroid issues in endurance athletes and, unfortunately the need for thyroid medication or, invasive procedures.  The thyroid gland stands alone however, is regulated by the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. The functions of...
How Does HydraMag® Magnesium Help Athletes?
Today we are going to help you understand the various nuances of how HydraMag®  Magnesium can facilitate better performance and recovery.   To start, you need to understand how micronutrients affect chemical reactions in the body, and why these reactions...
How to Stay Hydrated While Cycling
How to Stay Hydrated While Cycling
7 Tips for Shipping an Assembled Bicycle
Both professional athletes and cycling enthusiasts often treat their bicycles as an extension of themselves. Their bicycles can be tools for fitness, recreation, and transportation. Therefore, it’s perfectly understandable that when you are traveling or moving long-distance, you will want...
How to Prepare Your Bike for Shipping
  Getting your bike from A to B should be easy enough - just hop on it - except when pedaling to point B is not an option. The next best choice is shipping your trusty two-wheeler safely. However, to...
Misfit Genes and Muscle Cramping
Muscle cramping is a head scratcher for many however genetic testing may be the answer to the mystery,
Caffeine Is Not Sustainable Energy
What’s the first thing we do when we wake up in the morning for most of us, we probably grab a cup of coffee to get us going and started with the day. Most athletes use caffeine as a part...
Everyday Habits to Boost Your All-Around Health and Well-Being
If you are starting a ‘New You’ campaign this year please check out some helpful advise from our guest blogging contributor: Leslie Campos
Bugs in MY Gut? Now What Do I Do?
Yep! You have bugs in your gut and they are called ‘Probiotics” No need for an exterminator. They are supposed to be there. Probiotics have taken stage; up front and center, over the past few years as our scientific community have...
Is Your Sport Hydration Potentially ☠️ Carcinogenic? (Cancer Causing)
We were scratching our heads when we saw a particular ingredient in a few of the well-known endurance sports brands. The ingredient used as an ‘excipient’, in a couple of sport hydration brands, was more like jaw dropping. This elevated...
Is Exercise Stress Reducing or Stressful?

Rest and relaxation. It's such a common expression that it has become a cliché. And although rest really can be relaxing, the pat phrase causes many people to overlook the fact that exercise can also be relaxing. It's true for most forms of physical activity as well as for specific relaxation exercises.

Exercise is a form of physical stress. Can physical stress relieve mental stress?

How Can Endurance Athletes Create a Higher Heat Tolerance?

Magnesium controls the amount of Sodium and Potassium the body requires at a cellular level. The high absorbing Magnesium in HydraMag® maximizes the functionality of any Sodium and Potassium that enters the system.

By increasing our hydration; elevating the fluids at a cellular level and increasing the utilization of the other electrolytes, reduces cellular friction. The natural aspect of Magnesium; opening up capilaries and veins allowing for greater blood flow, naturally reduces the build up of heat.

What Is The Missing Mineral in over 70% of Endurance Athletes?🤷🏻‍♀️

What is going to get you across the finish line faster may not be the light pedals, the components or the fancy frame.

It's really about how 'the machine' is able to utilize the nutrients provided and maximize the energy efficiency.

Check out  the blog to find out what your body needs to enable a faster finish and better recovery and read the Magnesium Ironman Beta Test White Paper .

Microbiome 101: what are Pre, Pro and Postbiotics
What is a Prebiotic? Why Might Prebiotics Be More Important Than Probiotics? The latest on Postbiotics. THE GUT BRAIN AXIS IS REAL  Researchers are diving deep when it comes to gut health and athletic performance.  The microbiome, simplistically put, is...
Balancing Womens Hormones via Nutrition
Female athletes have specific challenges. Find out what your options are when seeking answers and how to alleviate the negative PMS symptoms.
Biohacking with Iron: The Benefits of Athlete’s Iron
 Anyone who is leaning on the plant based side of life and cannot answer where you get your iron from, may need to review your diet and take a deeper look at your minerals and in particular Iron.   All...
Why are Minerals Important for Endurance Athletes?
Why are Minerals Important for Athletes?   As a reminder; minerals are only derived externally, meaning our bodies cannot make them. Minerals can  only be obtained from our food and nutrition. Minerals are ESSENTIAL to life; as are vitamins, proteins, fats...