Let's get started on your MOXiLIFE! Our Introduction.

We are here to support your efforts and help you achieve those 'life' bucket list goals!

Our Blogs are efficient and quick to the point of interest and topic of discussion.

There is a lot of information out on the Web and we have consolidated; as much as possible, in an easy to understand conversational fast track format.

Whatever level you are whether an age grouper or elite; during your journey to better health and fitness you will find solid information here on our website and updated posts and references to articles from the leading ingredient manufactures, industry specialists and health experts.

Our MOXiLIFE team has over 75 years combined supplement ingredient industry experience, from educating on specific ingredients, to formulating complete and multifaceted supplements. Our team has over 37 years of combined triathlon racing experience and are extremely knowledgeable in our various areas that we bring to the table.

Dwight Lundell Podium Performance

Our advisors are respected in their individual fields of expertise; renowned heart surgeon Dr Dwight Lundell and mineral specialist; Theresa Seaquist, both Ironman triathletes with double digit Ironman race experience between them both, 4 Ironman Hawaii invites and Dr Lundell had his 1st age group podium finish in 2014! We've been around the block a couple or 1000x's and we look forward to sharing our teams combined endurance sport information and nutritional industry experience.

Have you ever wondered if those supplements you take are actually being absorbed? 

We have wondered the same thing!

This is why we have Online Metabolic Testing for you to conveniently order online and provide a blood donation; on your own time, no insurance needed and without waiting in a MD's office. We understand the importance of understanding your biomarkers and encourage you to do the same.

Data Data Data.

We can't get enough of it, nor should you. You have to know what is going on inside for you to understand why you are able to recover faster and hit your  pace goals, or understand why you might not be hitting your target watts or repeatable intervals.

Its all about the engine and keeping the micronutrient levels topped off at all times, or at the very least knowing when you need a bit of supplemental help to replenish levels wiped out from excessive training. 


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