The Future of Personalized Endurance Nutrition and Nutrient Density.

What is the future of Nutrition?

To be honest, that is a very serious question. We have so many sources to choose from and we are all so physically different. 

Living in the fast lane, eating on the go, not preparing for late nights in the office  isn’t helping our genetic remodeling and restructuring.

Take a good look around.

The average individual is approximately 20-30Lbs overweight.

Food is plentiful and abundant, just walk into your local buffet, or order a meal at your local chain restaurant. It’s insane the amount of food that comes to the table. For our endurance athletic community; this is close to nirvana.

After 3-6 hours in the saddle we might; on occasion, want to eat someone’s arm off upon completion of a training sesh. Not uncommon. However, have you ever thought, “why am I so hangry after a ride if I’m taking in calories during my ride?”

 A variety of factors comes into play and the common denominator is everyone’s body metabolizes differently. Our genetic make-up dictates our nutrition requirements. What Joe is consuming doesn’t translate into what Fred needs, or visa versa.


The irony is that we tend to fall into the marketing trap of “That looks good because X Pro is using it”. The truth of the matter is, we need to try products when you are introduced to them and exposing yourself to a 'variety' of different products while researching the ingredients that are in the products.

Head with library booksThe conundrum of the research is the variety of conflicting information regarding ingredients and the amount of time it takes to ferret out the good the bad and the “that could work for me or that makes sense”. The time it takes to investigate, and complete proper due diligence on ingredients is insane to dissect and understand the difference; for example, that an ionic mineral vs organic ‘un-ionic mineral is or adverse reactions from the DL from vs. the L+. This information falls into the ‘mystery ingredient’ category.

All good it you are a biochemist and understand the molecular nuances each variety of nutrient has to offer.


When we have one on one conversations with athletes and they start to look at us like ‘deer in the headlights’, we know we have gone a few levels too deep, and we apologize.


Moving forward we will make a sincere effort to simplify our message.


The future of your nutrition is going to be dependent on what your body needs or is deficient in and completely personal.


The best forms of nutrition are going to be from fresh locally grown foods, plants and meats. Good fats, reduced processed sugars, a complete variety of nutrient dense food sources. The ‘real’ food = fruits and veggies, unprocessed meats, wild caught fish.


The excess amounts of ‘food’ at the local restaurant is just that, excess. The cakes the cookies, the ice cream, candy bars etc. are empty calories which our society has adapted into our food category and has developed a taste for it. Sugar is an addictive food, which is a part of our culture and can be debated on whether or not we can live without it.


Everyone has an opinion, however we see some strong evidence to the benefits of reducing the processed sugar intake and switching to fruits and natural forms of sugar.

Additionally; as an athlete, the increased inflammation derived from sugar is one of the first reasons to switch to other forms of calories or carbohydrates for training and racing.


If you don’t believe me, try it out for yourself….that is if you are a big sugar fanatic… We have run this by numerous individuals and one in particular was a nightly TV addict of Twizzlers, Mike and Ikes, Skittles. This individual; we’ll call Matt, was an avid tennis player, popping Vitamin A = Advil 3 x daily, just to be able to move.

The challenge was to not to eat any sugar products for 5 days.

Following the 5 days, he was blown away at the reduced inflammation and increased ability to move.

Try it….You’re welcome.


We like to take a common sense, logical, and functional approach to our MOXiLIFE brand and products and how we formulate and bring products to market.


We know our society has a Magnesium deficiency which is why HydraMag® is making dramatic changes to lives across the country, not just athletes. We formulate to reach the masses, however endurance athletes as our primary focus of attention, since ‘we are’ that target market.


PhytoLyte is a nutrient dense electrolyte and vitamin replacement beverage, with Choline. Choline is a essential nutrient that helps the brain with focus & accuracy while enhancing the neurotransmission of messages between the nerve and muscles. Lastly is also extends the life of NO(nitric oxide) while cleaning up homocysteine in the blood vessels.


We are going to see a lot of information in the future on choline and its numerous benefits for athletes.


What we will need to do; moving forward, is take into account the nutrient density in our food sources we are eating and be responsible for our personal care.

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