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PhytoLyte™ Premium Electrolyte Drink

MOXiLyte™ A Sports Electrolyte Drink, Like No Other

MoxiLyte™ a Sports Electrolyte Drink, Like No Other

MOXiLyte™ is a customized electrolyte sport drink of substance, the most full flavored of all sport drinks.

3  Thirst Quenching Beverages :

Mad Mango™- Fresh ‘Tommy Atkins’ Mango flavor, combined with a subtle hint of Hawaiian Papaya

Vicious Citrus™- Myer Lemon combined with Persian Lime balanced with Mandarin Oranges

BIG Berry LemonAid™-Fresh Organic Berries provide the front end flavors while Myer Lemon ‘tang’, hits a quenching back note.


Robust and Striking.

Overwhelmingly Satisfying.

Smooth, Refreshing and Thirst Quenching.

Small batch blended with pure fresh fruit flavors for the most natural hydration experience.

Each MOXiLyte™ Sip is Always Rewarding.

Designed to meet the electrolyte needs of Olympian’s and age groupers.

Careful and intentional creation of synergistically balanced carbohydrates, providing just enough carbs to keep energy flowing getting you through 1 hours worth of exercise, and inflammation to a minimum.

Don’t worry about the extra Holiday calories while drinking low sugar MOXiLyte™.

Packaged with a long handled serving scoop, for easy measurement.

Combine with OsmoCarb™  a Real Complex Carbohydrate Food for Athletes.  

BIG Flavor!
A Little Goes a Long Way:
1/2 scoop per water bottle = 40 servings
1 scoop per water bottle = 20 servings


PhytoLyte™ The Most Unique Electrolyte Drink Made For Athletes

PhytoLyte™ The Most Unique Nootropic Electrolyte Drink Made with MultiVitamins

In an Elite Class of its Own

A sophisticated synergistic combination of hand selected and vetted ingredients, designed to deliver elevated amounts of patented electrolytes with energy enhancing, brain boosting micronutrients. 

The flavorsome and delicate blend of real fruit flavors delivers a clean and refreshing hydration experience. 

Each Phytolyte™ Sip is Smooth and Delicious

PhytoLyte™ is a boutique blended, non-caffeinated, nutrient dense delivery system.   Hand selected ingredients, intricately working in unison at the cellular level, to maximize endurance.

Nano-sized Micronutrients penetrate each cell, sparking a chemical reaction for faster nerve to muscle function and extended energy. The targeted ingredient combination supports elevated neurotransmission, acetylcholine reproduction and enhanced brain function, delivering  razor sharp focus and muscle memory.

The liquid food recipe provides faster digestion and quick nutrient uptake, reducing the potential for side stitches and stomach cramps commonly found with eating solid food during activities.

Real Food Multivitamins


Amino Acids

Neuro Micronutrients

Chelated Magnesium

Sodium & Trace Minerals

Plant based, Non GMO and Vegan for the discerning athlete.

Inspired by endurance athletes, for endurance athletes in need of clean, non-solid, liquid fuel for sustainable energy.

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