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MOXiLyte™ The Next Premium Hydration Brand 

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MOXiLYTE™ Sport Hydration drink

Each flavor provides thirst quenching satisfaction of delicately combined real fruit flavors. This complete electrolyte balanced recipe is designed with high absorbing ingredients, & completely eliminates the dry and an un-satisfying ‘after-taste’ commonly found with most sport hydration drinks. 

MOXiLyte™ drinks are low sugar, mild in sweetness, yet deliver excellent flavor in up to 32 fluid ounces.  

MOXiLyte Sport Hydration

You will enjoy drinking MOXiLyte™ and won’t want to leave any in your water bottle.


Time to order MOXiLyte™. The best tasting, satisfying and most COMPLETE Sweat Replacer.

MOXiLyte Electrolyte Sport Drink DAILY LOW Sugar Weight ManagementMOXiLyte™ is A COMPLETE Electrolyte Replacement Sport Drink:

Na K Mg P Ca

Salt, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Calcium

 Enjoyed by Professional, Age Group & Weekend Warriors 

MOXiLIFE The Science of Endurance and Recovery

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