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Congratulations On Finishing Your Ride🏁!

We hope you NAILED🔨 it!

You've had some time to digest your race day, & reflect on your accomplishment!

Perhaps you've been considering what you could have done different. Drafted more, pulled more, trained more. Or thinking your nutrition could have been better the week leading up to the race.

If you are seeking better performance and recovery, you may have overlooked what is now touted as Occam's razor.

The Mineral: Magnesium.


Magnesium ATP recovery pathways graph
The above chart provides some critical information on how to improve your race performance and recovery.

HydraMag® Magnesium has been Beta Tested by Age Group Triathletes, and is currently used by top Professional Ironman Triathletes.

HydraMag® Magnesium 30 Serving Canister


The Missing Mineral

Approximately 60-70% of athletes do not get enough Magnesium in our diets, leaving a HUGE gap in your recovery potential.Magnesium Absorption Chart

Try HydraMag® to Enhance Your ATP Energy Cycle & Metabolism, resulting in better recovery pathway functions.

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20% Discount Code for

San Diego Century Ride Athletes

Code= Recovery

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