RecoveryMag Bath salts

RecoveryMag™ Travel Size Magnesium Bath Salt

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Magnesium Bath Salts with Essential Oils

100% Magnesium Sulfate Epsom SaltsRecoveryMag bag of USP Epsom Salts 100%  Pure essential oils

2 Sizes with 3 Scent Options:
2Lb and 6oz travel size of Magnesium Sulfate/Epsom Salts: with or without arnica and essential oils. Used for external bath, targeted injury application or foot soaking.
  1. Scent Free
  2. Luscious Lavendar
  3. Stimulating Citrus
The best idea post race is to APPLY DIRECTLY to targeted area for area specific healing
  • reduce soft tissue and muscle swelling
  • repair soft tissue damage,
  • relax stressed over used muscles,
  • reduce skin inflammation due to rashes and sun irritation,
  • soak sore feet post hiking and racing,
  • OR apply directly to targeted area for area specific healing.
Magnesium is a mineral used to reduce inflammation naturally and increase healing of soft tissue injuries. 
6oz = 1 bath or 5 direct applications to injury site.
2Lbs = up to 4 baths or numerous direct application to injury site.


  • Scoop 1 -2 cups into a 15+ minute bath. Magnesium is absorbed via the skin surface where the healing magnesium sulfate will penetrate the dermal layers to help support muscle recovery.
  • Or coat a wet washcloth with RecoveryMag™ and apply to injured area for 15 minutes, on the hour intervals. Epsom Salts have been shown to aid healing to ligament damage, and sprains to accelerate healing.
    • Apply moisturizer to affected area, as this application is drying to the skin. 
“This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnosetreatcure, or prevent any disease.”