Food Based Magnesium Sources

Magnesium is Found in the following food sources:


Food                                       Serving Size             Mg/serving size

Pumpkin seeds                    30g (2 tbsp)               160mg

Almonds                                30g (2 tbsp)               90mg

Wholegrain bread                100g (2 slices)          85mg

Beans or lentils                    200g (cooked)           80mg

Cashew nuts                        30g (2 tbsp)               83mg

Rice                                        75g                             82mg

Brazil nuts                             30g (2 tbsp)               68mg

Spinach                                 80g                             64mg

Sesame seeds                      30g (2 tbsp)               60mg

Peanuts                                 30g (2 tbsp)               55mg

Baked potato                         200g                           50mg

Walnuts                                 30g (2 tbsp)               48mg

Banana                                  120g                           35mg

Broccoli                                  80g                             24mg


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