Frequently Asked Questions about HydraMag® Magnesium


When is the best time to take Magnesium? When do I take HydraMag®?

  • HydraMag® is designed to be a daily supplement, taken 2-3x daily to increase Magnesium intercellular levels

Why does HydraMag® cost what it does?

HydraMag® is using the best known absorbable form of Magnesium. MOXiLIFE® uses a patented amino acid activated organic form of Magnesium designed to be absorbed faster and more effectively than inorganic(not recognized by the body) forms.

The raw material supplier has numerous clinical studies validating the physiological efficacy through 3rd party institutions.

Our real fruit flavors, prebiotics, natural sweeteners, small batch blending add to the bottom line.

Additionally, it does not cause a laxative effect; hence, will not dehydrate you.

What is the difference between Magnesium Oxide and  Amino Acid Activated Magnesium or Chelated Magnesium in HydraMag®?

Magnesium oxide and other ionic minerals need to convert into an organic ‘form’ or dipeptide like molecular structure, that the body can recognize. HydraMag® Magnesium is a pre-converted ‘form’ which does not require conversion in the body.

How does Magnesium help the body?

Magnesium supports Intercellular Electrolyte regulation and balance; specifically supports the Sodium/Potassium pump. Makes Salt and Potassium work better.

Magnesium also helps promote muscle relaxation. It works together with Calcium since Calcium contracts muscles and Magnesium releases muscles. Magnesium is necessary to oppose the Calcium muscle contractions during exercise,to prevent muscle cramping. 

Magnesium also supports carbohydrate conversion and greater blood flow

Can I take HydraMag® Magnesium during a race?

                        Yes, it can be used during races to help your existing electrolyte formula work more efficiently and taste better. Only one serving(150 mg) or stick pack is needed per 2-6 hour ride.

Is HydraMag® Magnesium  safe for teenagers?

            Yes, it is safe for teenagers and helps teenage girls with monthly menstrual cramping issues

Is HydraMag® Magnesium safe for the elderly?

            Yes, it is safe for the elderly, both men and women.

How will Magnesium Help the heart?

Magnesium helps all muscles function. Magnesium is a mineral that helps with the electric currents running through the heart. Magnesium deficiency is found in individuals wiht atrial Fibrullation. Magnesium is also a natural vasodilator, increasing blood flow and reducing blood pressure.


             According to researchers James J DiNicolantonio,1 James H O’Keefe,1 William Wilson2

The below article is an eye opener for the those who wish to understand the influence of magnesium and the heart.


“This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnosetreatcure, or prevent any disease.”