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IRONically, pun intended, we as endurance athletes tend to fall short on our minerals, due to a variety of reason, first starting with ‘the soil to table’ evolution.


Minerals work together with vitamins to make the spark “happen” within our bodies at a cellular level.

Since most magnesium are extremely difficult to absorb, HydraMag® Magnesium is formulated with a patented delivery system; amino acid activated, which enhances absorption up to 5x better than Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Sulfate, Magnesium Carbonate.

Structure of a Chelated Mineral Molecule

Overtraining fatigue can be an issue with endurance athletes, and may be due to a lack of consumed calories relative to energy output and deficiency of 2 very important minerals: Iron and Magnesium

HydraMag® Magnesium is the perfect complement to Athlete’s Iron™  since the Iron helps build the blood and Magnesium increases the ability of the blood vessels to transport the blood to muscles and vital organs by means of vasodilation.

Athlete's Iron™ is also formulated using Ferrochel™️; an Iron Bis-glycinate chelate. Ferrochel ™️ amino acid delivery system aids absorption up to 6x better in some iron deficient individuals, without the constipating side effects most commonly associated with iron products. We also combine Athlete's Iron™ with prebiotics to aid the gut with health bacteria.

Athletes Iron, High Absorbing Non Constipating Iron, Ferritin Elevator, Iron Replacer, Blood Booster

We are seeing a large interest in plant based nutrition for a variety of reasons; cultural beliefs, clinical validations of reduced cellular inflammation, trending Ironman Sponsors, Netflix “Game Changer’ movie.

All reasons have a good basis. The problem is that plants do not deliver enough of the nutrients that endurance athletes need without increasing caloric content by approximately 3x.

We do burn the calories off when it comes down to the last 6 weeks of heavy training miles however, if you are seeking to maintain a body weight without the calories supplementation is a must have.

Tired Female Athlete, Low Iron & Ferritin Levels

For female athletes, monthly blood loss, can create fatigue and fluctuating hormones are common reasons for abdominal cramping. Magnesium has also been suggested by Dr. Stacy Sims to be taken in combo with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, baby aspirin and Zinc.

Magnesium has a natural inflammation reducing nature, and this amino acid delivery magnesium form; as a ‘chelate’, has been clinically effective in the reduction of leg cramping in pregnant women.