Athlete's Iron Benefits and Information


REDS can be a sign of low Iron Levels and overtraining without adequate nutrient dense food sources.

Athlete's Iron Benefits:

Athlete’s Iron™ carry’s oxygen to the muscles to enhance performance, reduce recovery times while increasing nutrient delivery to organs at the cellular level.
Athlete’s Iron builds the quality of blood and increase resistance to stress and disease.
Raises Hemoglobin and Myoglobin levels faster than 'Non-Chelated' Elemental Irons
A fast acting blood booster
Your Natural EPO
Works Synergistically with N.O.


Athlete's Iron Ingredient Facts:

Globally Tested 
Clinically Validated
Non-Stomach Irritating

Elevates Iron Levels in less than 4 weeks when used as directed and have adequate Copper levels. 

The #1 global deficient mineral is Iron; and 'IRONICALLY' it is one of the most critical minerals to our existence.

Iron is also found to be low in those individuals who:

  • Vegetarians
  • Are chronic users of aspirin and certain other drugs
  • Consume Alcohol
  • Individuals with IBS, Leaky Gut, other gut disorders
  • Endurance athletes
  • Females of Child Bearing Age
  • Eat ice chips or crave ice(an iron deficient symptom)

Are you training more than 6 hours weekly?

Individuals with low iron levels, female athletes, and athletes and individuals with plant-based diets need to supplement with Athlete’s Iron to maintain optimal iron levels.

It has been shown that athletes who train for over 6 hours weekly often show signs of iron deficiency anemia, which this type of hourly training is a normal weekend for the Ironman Athlete.

Athletes loose iron via sweat, urine, gastrointestinal bleeding, monthly menses and foot strikes which has been shown to increase the destruction of red blood cells.

Female athletes lose a considerable amount of blood during their monthly menstrual cycles. This can lead to fatigue, a decline in exercise capacity VO2 max; the maximal amount of oxygen the body can use, and reduced energy.

Iron deficiency can lead to anemia which has more severe symptoms including; weakness, general fatigue/exhaustion, decreased exercise performance, increased heart rate and shortness of breath during exercise, headaches, and dizziness.

  • Use ATHLETE'S IRON as directed if you’re feeling tired, fatigued, short tempered; and or, have a plant- based diet.
  • Shown to turn around low iron levels in weeks when used daily and as directed.
  • Athlete’s Iron uses Ferrochel™ Iron due to the numerous global clinical studies confirming Ferrochel™ efficient effectiveness and is the smart choice for iron supplementation.

The ‘patented’ Iron used in Athlete’s Iron™ is called a mineral chelate, clinically proven to be up to 6x higher in efficacy and absorption. The iron is attached to the amino acid glycine which dramatically improves absorption, reducing the gastrointestinal irritation and unwanted reaction with other food nutrients.

In a study conducted by, Dr Pineda, et al., he found NO incidence of any gastrointestinal(GI) complaints in patients given Ferrochel™ dosed at 30mg for 4 weeks.

Is Iron a Banned Substance?

No, it is natural.

Iron is found in the red blood cells and plays a role in immune function, cardiovascular health, cognitive development and is a component of hemoglobin, myoglobin, cytochromes and additional cellular muscle enzymes.

 All these components are necessary in the transport and metabolism of oxygen for energy required for enhanced endurance performance.

  • Hemoglobin proteins transports the oxygen in the blood from the lungs to the tissues.
  • Myoglobin stores the oxygen and makes it available to the muscles.
  • Enzymes are required for proper metabolism of protein and other building blocks of life.


Athlete’s Iron™; using Ferrochel™ patented iron SUPPLIED BY ALBION MINERALS, has been rigorously tested for safety and toxicity. Ferrochel™ is far less toxic than other inorganic forms such as iron sulfate, iron fumarate and carbonyl iron and is easier on the gut.

The patented iron chelate in Athlete’s Iron™ doesn’t require any additional metabolic conversion to be absorbed. The previously mentioned inorganic forms require digestion, ionization then chelation to be absorbed more efficiently and effectively.

Athlete’s Iron™ also contains a Gut Friendly prebiotic; organic gum acacia, which is bacteria food to help the good bacteria grow inside the intestines. The GI tract is ‘The Brain’ to the brain. The GI is more important than what we have understood in the past, and more significant to enhancing our performance.

The below table elaborates on the benefits of prebiotics.


Health benefits of prebiotic dietary fibers

1. Increases in Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli 

2. Production of beneficial metabolites 

3. Increases in calcium absorption 

4. Decreases in protein fermentation 

5. Decreases in pathogenic bacteria populations 

6. Decreases in allergy risk 

7. Effects on gut barrier permeability 

8. Improved immune system defense 


We include MOXiPrebiotics™ for all the above reasons!

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*Many Clinical studies have tested with 'inorganic elemental iron' at 100-200mg levels of Iron daily for 8 weeks showing positive results. Athlete’s Iron is 6x better absorbed than elemental Irons.