Cramping Intensity and Duration REDUCED with HydraMag®:TRAACS™ Magnesium

Most athletes have experienced muscle cramping a time or 20 during training or racing. Appearing at the most inopportune instances. Why??

There are numerous theories to dive into why muscle cramping occurs, however to drill down this phenomenom, lets take Occam's razor  approach. If we have two different explanations to the reason, the simpler one is usually the better answer.  One explanation is physiological and the other hypothetical.

They both have merit.

Hypothetical beliefs are structured around the hyerexcitability of the motor neurons via thoughts. The physiological approach focuses on actual chemical transfer of energy or lack-there-of.

The Occams razor solution can be paralled to the energy conducted in a house through wiring. When we blow a fuse we have an excessive amount of energy overloaded into a circuit. When we have a loose connection there is not enough energy reaching its end point.

Minerals are the wiring within the body and conduct energy throughout our system. Minerals work with other nutrients to enable the framework to build energy. When we are 'deficient' or 'excessively' imbalanced in specific minerals, the body requires a compensation process and begins the process to find homeostasis. The body always wants balance.

The following article focuses on the reduction of muscle cramping duration and intensity of pregnant women with the use of TRAACS™ magnesium.

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