Our MOXiLIFE Story

Our Founder suffered from extreme cramping bouts during her NCAA T&F and Cross Country Career.

This carried over into triathlon training, and was debilitating to the point of often stopping at mile 90 while training and racing, because her legs froze up.

Training was followed up by: nightly cramps, muscle fasciculations, & poor sleep.

Her deep dive into Magnesium was the answer to her cramping issues and for faster recovery.

She tried conventional Magnesium pills and capsules; of various forms and types, without relief. A deeper dive into Magnesium research revealed a high absorbing Magnesium Chelate was the answer!

HydraMag® Magnesium Chelate drink has been Beta Tested on Triathletes, proving statistically improved intercellular uptake in 3 weeks.

HydraMag® Magnesium contains Amino Acid Activated Magnesium Chelate. A HypoAllergenic, patented Clinically Validated Magnesium, with the highest absorbing and minimal gut irritating ingredients.

Additionally, did you know: 95% of Endurance Sports Hydration and Fuel Brands use synthetic ingredients derived from Petro Chemicals; aka PEGs.

PEGs make the liver work overtime, are hormone disruptors(hot flash) and in some cases carcinogenic.

These brands also use THE SAME low quality electrolytes/minerals, which are not well absorbed, or gut friendly.

ALL MOXiLIFE® Products Contain Clean & Validated Ingredients.