Long HAIR for Swimmers: From HAY to HEALTHY in 3 Steps

Long HAIR for Swimmers: From HAY to HEALTHY in 3 steps


As an endurance athlete of over 35 years, and having more hair than I know what to do with( I know I’m blessed, which is why I do not want to cut it!) I had to stop and think about the positive and negatives of keep the shoulder+ length hair.


The long days of training and being a professional(gotta look nice and out of spandex) really makes me stop and think why of I keep my hair long…..Especially when all the dying (I’m not new) and chlorine pools I am subjected too, basically was turning my hair into a pile of hay ….


The proverbial ‘Shitball’ I made when I threw my hair back was becoming unsightly, except for the birds who were eyeing me for nesting material.


So I began to experiment….a few 100 x’s.


The best protocol I found useful is to be adamant about the following steps, prior to pulling your hair back into your swim bun.


Step #1 Throw conditioner in the hair before you swim. Whatever you have available will work. Get the ends and scalp, comb it though if time permits. I’m usually in an hurry so I just make sure it get the ends and finger it through.

Now you’ve probably heard this suggestion before; and have tried it, and the swim cap inevitably pops off your head in less than 1 lap…..See, I’ve done this before!


Critical Step



This is what may be a ‘new’ idea for you….Spray the living tar out of your hair after the conditioner application AND after you have pulled back your hair into your swim bun.


Make sure you spray all the hairline edges. Front and back.

This second step is critical since this hairspray locks your cap in place so it doesn’t pop off while swimming. Takes about 4 minutes to dry so the walk between the locker room and jumping in will probably be long enough to set the spray and place the cap on.

Wait till you reach the pool to place the cap on the head.


Step #3 Wash and condition hair following your swim. Use a leave in conditioner and put an oil (Argon-my fav) on the ends of the wet hair.  

Put the oil in your hands then rub them together to even out the oils on your palms, then take the ends of your hair and rub between you palms. Dry naturally.

If you must blow dry your hair; put some pre-hair drying product (I use Silk) prior to drying.


I’ve somehow managed to keep my hair from completely breaking off and splitting into kindling, however it is certainly not as beautiful as it once was. 

 I refuse to cut it short since I think when I do that I’ll ;et it go gray and just can’t DO that yet. J


I’m just trying to manage the aging process and providing something that works for me and keeping the hair youthful.

Let us know how it works out for you.