MOXi Nutrition Product Protocols and Best Use Practices

HydraMag® Magnesium Is the Best Magnesium for Recovery

HydraMag® 100% Chelated Magnesium Drink

What will make me race faster?

HydraMag® Use Protocol:

2x Daily (any time of day and during workouts): Maintenance level

3x Daily (Every other day for 1-2 weeks): Magnesium Deficiency(exhibiting signs and symptoms)

Can be enjoyed hot; as a tea, or cold. The best tasting electrolyte in hot weather.

Can be combined with other electrolyte beverages

Mix to taste = 1 serving  added to 20>32 oz  fluid ounces(2 small water bottles or 24 oz  large water bottle

Recover Faster

Repleting Muscles with Magnesium will significantly enhance recovery and increase the utilization of Salt.

  • The more Magnesium you burn through the more fatigued you feel since the Energy (ATP) cycle DOES NOT work without Magnesium.
  • Magnesium increases blood flow to the muscles because it is a natural vasodilator
  • Magnesium makes salt and potassium work better and more efficiently via the ATP(energy) cycle. HydraMag® will help regulate the sodium/potassium pump. The Sodium/Potassium pump requires energy to work, without energy the cells do not function properly, optimally or effectively.
  • Supports hormones involved with circadian rhythms and promotes sleep.

MOXiLyte™Concentrated Electrolyte Sport Drink

Replaces ALL Electrolytes lost in Sweat

MOXiLyte™ Use Protocol:

Designed for daily hydration and short distances (<1 hours of Training and Racing) 

  • Add 1 scoop MOXiLyte™ to 16>32 fluid oz of water
    MOXiLyte is the Best Valued Endurance Hydration Electrolyte Drink Mix

1+ Hours of racing and Training Add OsmoCarb™ for sustainable fuel:

  • Add 1 scoop MOXiLyte™ to 16-32 fluid oz of water and OsmoCarb™ at individualized hourly caloric requirements
  • Low Sugar means reduced muscle soreness

Extremely tasty and soluble, non-gritty.

A perfect ratio of all necessary electrolytes: Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Chloride, & Magnesium with a unique combination of simple to complex carbohydrates. 

Added Prebiotics to insure gut immune support and elevated performance and recovery.

Perfect for Daily or sub hour training.


Phytolyte Multivitamin Electrolyte Sweat Replacer

PhytoLyte™: The ultra Hydrating, Micronutrient Replacer , Electrolyte Drink

Use Protocol:

  • Use as a Daily Multivitamin Supplement
  • Premium Hydration on intense training blocks 1 Scoop per hour of intense exercise with added Fuel source- OsmoCarb™ 
  • 4 x daily week prior to A Race
  • Add to 16-20oz
Give your body the micronutrients necessary to utilize the consumed fuel while training and racing.
The body needs Micronutrients, (vitamins and minerals) so it can breakdown the proteins fats and carbs to provide energy.
PhytoLyte™ is an all in One Multivitamin drink with a 'brain food' called Choline; clinically verified to support brain function to get you through the pain cave and stay focused.
Choline was successfully tested on our Armed Forces to enhance cellular fluid absorption, helping fluid uptake and making PhytoLyte™ hyper-hydrating..
Patented fast acting Electrolytes and natural vitamins(non-synthetic). Less 'liver load'. 
Endurance Fuel for Triathletes

OsmoCarb™ Pure Fuel:

No More Gut Rot!🤢

Use Protocol:

  • Add hourly caloric needs to electrolyte drink of choice.
  • Suggest using it during the first half of racing to reduce potential gut issues.
  • Add to electrolyte drink 1.5 hours before race start.
  • Use while endurance training, racing and or weight lifting to replenish glycogen stores and fuel muscles.
  • Can be made into thick concentrate and added into water for longer rides.

2 rounded TBSP = Approximately 55-60 calories

Smooth and Sustainable 

100% Pure HBCD for a complete, steady burning fuel.

The Complex Carb empties out of the stomach quickly, while entering into the body evenly and slowly, without spikes and or crashes.
Developed for athletes seeking the highest utilization of carbohydrate (complete burn) without bloating or GI troubles.



Athlete’s Iron™:


Fatigue Fighter

Use Protocol: Based on diet, age and gender

‘Plant’ Based Male & Female Athletes:

  • 1 or 2 Capsules Every Other Day. This NEW protocol is based on elevated Hepcidin levels following work outs. Hepcidin regulates Iron uptake.

 Child Bearing Age Women:

  • 18-45 (childbearing)
  • Use 1x-2x daily 1 week prior and during menstruation cycle          

Males: +40> with meat-based diets don’t need to supplement unless directed by a physician. 

Do you have R.E.D. Symptoms? 1x-2x Daily for 1-2 months or as directed by your physician. 

Athlete’s Iron™ is designed to elevate hemoglobin levels and help support blood oxygenation and increased nutrient distribution. The greater the concentration of RBC allows for faster performance and recovery.

Studies show that an 8 week protocol of Iron supports performance outcome based on 200mg daily.

Athlete’s Iron™ is made from the highest absorbing form of Iron as; Ferrochel™, an organic Amino Acid Iron Chelate and is combined with pre-biotics. It is the first and only Iron supplement combining Iron and Prebiotics. Prebiotics are critical for gut health, mental focus and nutrient absorption. 

Blood Oxygenation Enhancement BioHack*:

Iron can be toxic at high levels for longer durations.

Studies indicate the use of up to 200mg of “inorganic” Iron for the 8 weeks for desired performance results. Athlete’s Iron uses Ferrochel™ which is an ‘organic structure’ and is up to 6x higher in absorption than inorganic forms of Iron.

*MOXiLIFE® Nutrition suggests the use at the recommended daily dose of 1 capsule and will not be liable for uses outside of our recommended daily suggested use.

Available Bundles:

Athletes Iron and HydraMag Magnesium = Performance Game Changers 

TRIFECTA = OsmoCarb™ Fuel, HydraMag® & Phytolyte™