Mission Statement

MOXi Nutrition is a sports nutrition company oriented to improving the health and wellbeing of society, with a special interest in helping athletes achieve their goal to perform better and recover faster. The differentiating factor behind MOXi Nutrition is we only use scientifically vetted, high absorbing, effective & validated nutrients in our products. We are driven to improve lives.

Our Why

After Years of educating the Scientific Community: RD, PhD, MS, MD,ND on chelation delivery systems & mineral absorption pathways, Theresa, an established endurance athlete, saw a need to fill a specific nutrient gap in her endurance community.
This nutrition gap was realized based on her own endurance issues; debilitating muscle cramps.
Once intercellular Magnesium levels were maximized; specifically using chelated magnesium, no more cramps.
Over 14 years of research on Magnesium, and an in-depth understanding of its critical nature for endurance and recovery, she launched HydraMag® Magnesium Hydration drink, as MOXi Nutrition's Flagship product and gateway into the sport hydration and nutrition industry.

Theresa has shifted into a scientific advisory role, to support R&D & education.

The team combines 50+ years of formulating & ingredient education to supplement industry professionals, and in-depth supplement production process knowledge to include;

Bio-functionality of nutrients,
Proper cGMP manufacturing
Supplement and nutrition packaging,
40+ years of endurance racing.

    This unique combination of:

    physiological knowledge (how ingredients function in the body),
    manufacturing understanding,
    ingredient sourcing,
    nutrient knowledge,
    industry experience,


        We understand the ‘complete’ manufacturing process behind our hand selected ingredients which means for you as the consumer we have vetted all ingredients down to where they are grown, harvested and whether or not any harsh chemicals have been used in the manufacturing process.

        We Don't take our formulations lightly, nor should you.

        • validation testing methods
        • extraction methods
        • chemical composition
        • clinical studies
        • synthetic vs natural, nutrient bioavailability differences
        • physiological and psychological effects of the individual nutrients.

        This unique & technical understanding of the nutrient ingredient industry combined with the physiological biomarkers & psychological interrelationship of performance and recovery, will provide products and services guiding you to:

        Better performance and recovery
        Understanding your body nutrient needs
        Owning your personal bio-marker data
        Full transparency of what you are putting in your body.

          Team MOXiLIFE®:

          Michelle Bacarella MS, RD: Partner & Chief Science Officer
          Michelle Bacarella CSO Partner  MOXi Nutrition
          Over 22 years in the nutrition industry, and extensive experience in supplement and nutrition formulations, her expansive knowledge with disease prevention and therapeutic exercise education prevention, brings to MOXiLIFE® the basis for the highest quality product formulations & nutrition education. She has a whole food based philosophy behind all products she formulates, honing in on non-synthetic vitamins and chelated minerals. 
















          Michael Woodard: Partner & Director Operations

           Michael Woodard Moxi Nutrition Owner

          Michael brings a cohesive and comprehensive blend to Team MOXi™ . Currently living on his boat in Hawaii, his computer science background, Mtn Biking interests and former West Palm Beach FL., Director of Yacht Maintenance in an exclusive boatyard, brings a variety of operation skills to the mix.
          His well rounded & detailed aptitude, provides MOXi Nutrition a balanced operation overview and detailed focus to our systems and analytics. 
          His passion for life and interests always has the team questioning, where and what he is enjoying aside from MOXi Nutrition.

          Advisory Board Team 

          Dr. Dwight Lundell M.D. :

          In addition to his numerous professional accolades, his is a well-respected triathlete amongst his peers. Dr. Lundell is an Ironman Kona podium finisher, 3x Ironman Arizona champion, Ironman Coeur d’ Alene champion, and the 2011 ITU Long Course World Champion in his age group. A heart surgeon of 25+ years, author of numerous articles and 2 books, a peer respected leader in his field and a pioneer in ‘Off-Pump’ heart surgery, an innovative method ultimately enhancing recovery and reducing surgical complications. He attended both Yale University School of Medicine & University of Arizona and he's in the Beating Heart Hall of Fame and has been listed in Phoenix Magazine’s Top Doctors for 10 years.
          His cardio knowledge and intimate interest in the endurance sports community is an extremely valuable asset to MOXiLIFE™.


           Dr. Julie Cajolet-Eckhardt, Psy.D., MA, LCP:
          Dr. Julie Cajolet-Eckhardt is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology. She has been specializing in the treatment of children and families facing a wide range of difficulties in their homes for over 8 years using attachment, relationship and/or trauma-focused interventions. Julie also helps athletes overcome a wide variety of issues from career-ending injuries, post-athletic career adjustment, adjusting to downtime due to injuries, plateaus, mental staleness, overtraining, burn-out, motivation, goal setting, performance anxiety, relationship issues, time management, depression issues, self-esteem, self-confidence, mental strength and preparation etc…
          As an endurance athlete, Julie is aware of the demands of juggling training, relationships, work, and health in addition to the ups and downs athletes may experience throughout their training year



           What Is Moxie?

          A force of character, determination, or nerve.

          Anyone who ‘toes up’ and ‘shows up'.....has MOXi