Benefits of HydraMag® Magnesium

What Makes HydraMag® 100% Chelated Electrolyte Magnesium BETTER than other Magnesium Supplements?

HydraMag ATP ENERGY and Recovery Chart

It absorbs up to 6x better than other Magnesium forms!!

Triathlete reported feedback:

  • "Higher Wattage output with lowered HR"
  • "Cramp Relief"
  • "Better sleep"
  • "Reduced leg soreness following Marathons and Ironman events"
  • "Had deeper massages following Ironman"
  • "Noticeably Faster Recovery"


Graph showing differences in magnesium absorption depending on type of magnesium

MgBG-Magnesium BisGlycinate = Magnesium Chelate

Mg Buffered-Blend of MgO and MgBG

DMM-DiMagnesium Malate

MgCit- Magnesium Citrate

MgO- Magnesium Oxide

We looked at the needs and requirements of endurance athletes and developed HydraMag®; a magnesium drink mix with the highest quality hypoallergenic ingredients, packaging convenience, and great tasting with beta tested backed evidence.

The following study indicates Mg increases muscle Glucose uptake and decreases lactate build up.

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Magnesium Enhances Exercise Performance via Increasing Glucose Availability in the Blood, Muscle, and Brain during Exercise


Magnesium is directly related to the following metabolic functions:

-converting sugar to energy 
-cortisol hormone regulator
-thyroid support 
-ATP energy production 
-Enzyme regulator 
-Vit D activator 
-elevated bone health = reduced stress fracture potential 
-sleep aid 
-reduces leg cramps
-supports testosterone production 
-increases muscle synthesis


-Albion Minerals; TRAACS® are the only minerals bonded to amino acids that have a hypoallergenic patent.

Informed Choice Certification

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non GMO
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free

‘The Mineral People’™ is Albion® Mineral nickname. For over 60 years they have fine tuned the science of making better absorbed minerals.

Albion Minerals are used by Global Pharmaceutical companies, and individuals seeking a clinically verified mineral that makes a biological difference.

HydraMag® Convenience:

-A powdered drink beverage in bulk and single serving stick packs.

-Pre-measured 150mg servings of TRAACS® magnesium.

-A mild Pomegranate natural flavor.

Easy to mix with water or your favorite berry rehydration electrolyte beverage. Designed to be consumed during your training and racing.

Most other magnesium supplements are inorganic salts; Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Chloride, Mg Sulfate, which are used as laxatives.

You don’t want to experiment with Magnesium Oxide as this will be detrimental twofold:

laxation, which leads to dehydration.


TRAACS® Magnesium, used in HydraMag®, is better absorbed and tolerated with triathletes, and in global clinical environments.

Dual Benefits:

  1. Fast Relief of Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms
  2. Elevated Hydration

Recent data shows our society is 70% - 80% deficient in magnesium. Our society is also 70% dehydrated. Both of these statistics can be associated with the increasing back issues; spasms, pain, out of alignment hip and knee tendons. Tight, dehydrated muscles increase risk for injuries and discomfort. One of the best secrets from the chiropractic society is to drink more water. This helps to alleviate  back pain is to drink water and rehydrate. Simple solutions with desired results. Drink your magnesium.

Albion Mineral TRAACS™ Absorption
Efficacy Evidence:

  1. 180 bioavailable clinical studies
  2. 100+patents

The molecular design of TRAACS® minerals has 180 bioavailable clinical studies comparing superior efficacy compared to inorganic minerals; Magnesium oxide, carbonate, lactate etc. The TRAACS® chelate structure was innovated by Albion® Minerals, this company having some of the deepest library of research, both published and unpublished.  The company is philanthropic and is changing lives in S. Africa daily. Please see our Clinical Studies link for magnesium studies.

Magnesium Deficiencies:

Over processed foods and fast paced living is a contributing factor for most of society, however endurance athletes are in a different space.

The sweat loss, molecular and cellular demands, compromised intestinal tracts from stress of racing and life, unbalanced gut pH, medications or kidney issues are all contributing to the imbalances. Not forgetting to mention the soil to table dilemma which is due to the population growth and over farming the soil and not replenishing with a full spectrum of nutrients.

The body is fascinating and given the proper tools can do remarkable things, such as heal itself and repair molecular damage, & change physical appearance in a matter of months.

There are many factors that weigh in on the overall magnesium deficiencies however you can benefit and replenish lost magnesium from drinking HydraMag®.

“This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnosetreatcure, or prevent any disease.”

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