3 Tubs HydraMag High Absorbing Magnesium Drink Mix on Purple Splash Background

HydraMag® Magnesium is the performance & recovery 

‘Master Multifunctional Mineral’.


Stress activates the release of Magnesium from the muscles and bones, which is were 95%+  of magnesium is stored. Eye twitches, restless legs, continuous muscle twitching(fasciculations) can be directly related to low inter-cellular magnesium levels.

Magnesium also regulates hormonal activity and can have a direct effect on cortisol levels. Cortisol imbalances contribute to waking early and or sleepless nights.
  1.  All inflammation reducing activities in the body require ATP energy
  2.  ATP energy depends on Magnesium to work
  3.  HydraMag® may help balance fluids and reduce swelling and edema
  4. The Action of Mechanism of Magnesium may also help the facia tissue to become supple and pliable, assisting in release of bundled fibers.
HydraMag® is essential for the athlete or individual who has tight muscles, muscle twitching, sleepless nights or under a high level of physical and mental stress.
Magnesium supports all electrolytes and is the regulating 'switch' for the sodium and potassium pump. This ‘switch’ helps reduce excess cellular fluid build up and reduces build up of fluids following exercise and or injuries 
Without optimal levels of magnesium, the intercellular levels of sodium and potassium may be impacted and the pathways may not function properly.
Hypokalemia and or Hyponatremia can be a direct result of either; excessive overhydration and or intercellualr imbalances of excessive sodium or potassium and magnesium deficiencies.



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