Increase Your Heat Tolerance and Blood Flow while Reducing Lactic Acid! Go the Distance with HydraMag®

HydraMag® 100% Chelated Magnesium

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The TRIFECTA Nutrition Package

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Redefining Sports Nutrition

Using Whole Food Vitamins for Ultra Fast Bioavailability

95% of Endurance Sports Nutrition products available on the market use Synthetic Vitamins derived from Petro Chemicals and are hormone disruptors. MOXiLIFE uses Garden Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Vitamins. These Vitamins are extracted via a patented process delivering the highest % of nutrients for fast absorption.

Quality Branded Ingredients

Electrolytes are TRAACS® Albion® Patented Minerals: , Organic, Chelated and Highly Absorbable.

VitaCholine® is our Ultra Fast Hydration Nutrient, allowing each cell to efficiently hydrate and reduce oxidative cell distruction. 

Cuvitis® cucumber extact helps reduce inflammation and promotes faster recovery.

Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina complements the full amino acid profile and increases Omega levels while working synergystically with VitaCholine® to enhance neuromuscular receptors.