A Clinical Study Indicates: "Magnesium Enhances Exercise Performance via Increasing Glucose Availability in the Blood, Muscle, and Brain during Exercise"

The KEY Mineral For Your Body & Elevated Performance

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HydraMag® is the highest Absorbing Mg Beverage

‘Clinical Significance’: Dietary magnesium linked to stronger muscle and bones

Increase Fat burn efficiency, Burn Sugar, Boost Electrolytes with HydraMag®



Personalized Biomarker testing

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Recover FASTER and Reduce Muscle Soreness

Let's Elevate Your Magnesium

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MOXiLIFE is an Endurance Athlete's Nutrition and Personal Evaluation platform.

Maximize your Performance and Speed up Recovery while empowering your MOXi with knowledge and data.

We have formulated sports nutrition products specifically for your Hydration, Daily and Recovery.
Our biomarker evaluation services determine your personal nutrient levels so you can "Live life to the MOXi"™.

All of our vitamins are plant sourced and the minerals are chelated TRAACS®, providing your body efficient recognition and fast absorption. Our Magnesium Supplement HydraMag® uses the best absorbing Magnesium Chelate; bonded with 2 amino acids to aid intestinal uptake. 

Our Personal Evaluation services include online lab tests and a sports psychologist to help improve your focus, efficiency and motivation.

Our Lab Tests focus on overall wellness and specific micronutrients required for the endurance athlete; Magnesium RBC, Electrolytes, Iron, Hormones and Vitamin D. 



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