Magnesium Benefits Everyone: Especially Endurance Athletes!

Endurance athletes utilize and require 20-30% more magnesium to effectively maximize the cellular and metabolic functions in our bodies. Clinical evidence points to our society being 70%+ deficient in this mineral alone due to: soil erosion, limited farming crop rotation and mineral deplete soils.

The leading clinical mineral research company Albion Minerals  predicts; based on the understanding of how Magnesium is utilized in the body, this mineral will be a critical factor in our health comparable and parallel Calcium. Since they both work together metabolically, and evidence is relating many disease states associated to magnesium deficiency, magnesium will become a mainstream 'must have' mineral.soil depletion.

It is a soil to table conundrum.

There are many articles and clinical studies indicating this societal deficit and below is a concise easy to read overview of how magnesium affects the body.

The underlying issue as also an absorption factor. How much of a mineral is being absorbed under stressful and in efficient GI systems? Our evolution as humans and our adaptability to various environments is a genetic marvel and is under constant review and discoveries.

With continuous scientific discoveries is found how the body absorbs macro and micro nutrients to include: Protein, Fats, Carbs, Vitamins and Minerals.

To focus on minerals; our bodies need 'the perfect storm' to enable an 'inorganic' mineral to be converted to a 'recognizable organic' mineral form. This perfect storm includes the following stomach and intestinal conditions: optimal pH levels, food substances, amino acids, gastric emptying, healthy intestinal tract, non inflammatory conditions.

Any of the above conditions being out of optimal range  reduces the 'conversion conditions' limiting mineral absorption. The major side effect of lack of Magnesium which is not absorbed is 'laxation'. The hygroscopic nature of magnesium means that it attracts water to the molecule and while in the intestinal tract this creates the need to pass fecal matter.

This is primarily why 'inorganic' forms of Magnesium(Oxide, Sulfate) are used in colon cleanse products and or products relating to constipation.

The TRAACS® Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate Chelate is 'pre-converted' to an organic form which is easily recognized and absorbed by our intestinal tract, reducing the immediate 'laxation' side effect and effectively absorbing the Magnesium.

Once our bodies are efficiently 'topped off' with adequate stores of magnesium, the body begins effectively  utilizes the mineral for metabolic requirements and our systems slowly begins to bring more fluids into the intestinal tract hence seeing a change to softer stools.

This shift occurs in approximately 4-5 weeks while using 300mg daily and may be longer if Magnesium RBC stores are in the 3-5 range.