Can Magnesium Glycinate help with stress?

We live with daily stress whether it be mental or physical. Our populations mental stress levels are increasing at alarming rates, evidenced by higher rates of violence, radicalism and prescribed depression medication.

Our wellness community advocates incorporating less prescription medications and incorporating non traditional means of managing stress. The below clinical studies provide evidence of Magnesium supplementation, supporting the physiological chemical needs behind stress hormone regulation.

Holistic approaches to reducing stress; from our friends at KimFitness Ventures,  can also be found on this link. sitting in the woods

 Magnesium and Stress Clinical Articles.

Chapter 19: Magnesium and stress

On the significance of magnesium in extreme physical stress

The continuous loop of Magnesium and Stress

Magnesium Status and Stress: The Vicious Circle Concept Revisited

Mg&Stress & the inclusion of B6. B6 helped reduce stress markers better than with  Magnesium Alone at 300mg:30mg respective doses. Sanofi study

Mitochondrial Mg2+ homeostasis decides cellular energy metabolism and vulnerability to stress
Yamanaka, Ryu et al. “Mitochondrial Mg(2+) homeostasis decides cellular energy metabolism and vulnerability to stress.” Scientific reports vol. 6 30027. 26 Jul. 2016, doi:10.1038/srep30027