HydraMag® Athlete Testimonials


Ironman triathletes are driven & always on the hunt for the next best greatest, lightest, convenient, performance enhancing product. We met Tosh a few years back and he was a salty mess and complaining of cramps. With a brief HydraMag® bullet point & highlight education, here we are heading into IMWC

Slow/Fast forward, his consistent use of HydraMag® and solid training put him back in motion & with KONA slot in hand...heading for the dance in three weeks.Tosh Udea HydraMag® “is my secret weapon” Testimonial


Durango CO based, Lasse participated in the FLAG2GC; Flag to Grand Canyon Charity event annually for the past 12 years. That ride had over 3000’ of elevation start to finish.

This years course change offered 2500’ per lap. Lasse was the only individual to not only finish 3 laps, but look what he had to say about the course hydration! Which was HydraMag® Magnesium.How to Prevent Cramps with HydraMag®? An athlete testimonial


HydraMag was created by the founder because of her cramping issues and the deep dive into forms of Magnesium. 

She like to separate the Magnesium forms into 2 classes.

  • Magnesium that don’t cause GI upset
  • Magnesium that sends you to restroom.

There are over 8 forms of Magnesium, of which the chelated Magnesium form is the best absorbed.