Magnesium and Carbohydrate Utilization

HydraMag® is a Strategic Solution for Maximizing Carbohydrate Utilization & Elevating Performance

Intracellular magnesium deficiencies contribute to heat retention, leg cramps, poor digestion, low energy, tight muscles, and twitchy eyelids.

3 Top reasons why Athletes need more Magnesium AUDIO Version


To drive the metabolic sugar and carbohydrate utilization aspect Please review the following study, which indicates Mg increases muscle Glucose uptake and decreases lactate build up.

Magnesium Enhances Exercise Performance via Increasing Glucose Availability in the Blood, Muscle, and Brain during Exercise

To extrapolate on the relationship between glucose and magnesium please review the following:
  1. Magnesium is necessary to make and secrete insulin.
  2. Magnesium facilitates carbohydrate metabolism;
  3. Magnesium allows insulin to transfer glucose into cells. Otherwise, glucose and insulin build up in the blood causing various types of tissue damage.
  4. Tyrosine kinase, an enzyme that allows glucose entry into the cell (along with insulin) is magnesium-dependent.
  5. Seven of the ten enzymes needed to metabolize glucose in the process called glycolysis are also magnesium-dependent.

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HydraMag® Is: 

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • Made from all natural ingredients
We know endurance athletes need 20-30% more magnesium, due to the loss in sweat and cellular energy utilized to maximize performance.
Since Magnesium is required in over 300+ enzymatic activities and numerous studies conclude our society is over 70% deficient; HydraMag® is the effective answer.
HydraMag® is formulated specifically for endurance athletes, and any athlete or individual questioning their Magnesium intracellular levels.
HydraMag® uses TRAACS™ Magnesium chelate; designed for fast absorption, maximum tolerability and effectiveness.
The ‘dipeptide-like’ molecule is recognized as food and absorbed as needed.
How Does it work?
The magnesium is bonded to two amino acids; lysine and glycine. These amino acids are precursors{they help make proteins} to protein building, immune support, hormone balance, and neurotransmitter functions.
Unlike Magnesium Oxide[which has a laxative effect], HydraMag® does not cause GI issues and has been used effectively before, during and after races to increase hydration and reduce muscle cramps.
We are confident you will feel a difference!👍🏻
For educational purposes, we have the following 6-minute video to describe the mechanism of action pertaining to this bioavailable form of Magnesium Chelate.
Have a great race and train safely.