MOXiLIFE™ Philanthropy and Mission

MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition Mission Statement:

MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition is dedicated to supporting the nutritional needs of all endurance athletes.
We design our products with high absorbing, non- synthetic, Organic, NON GMO, clinically validated, predominantly plant based, ingredients.
Formulated for both male and female athletes, MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition is addressing the female focused dietary needs and filling in nutritional gaps based on the latest science driven research.
We aim to educate our endurance community on how nutrition plays a roll in prevention of cardiovascular disease and additional maladies associated with nutrient deficiencies.


MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition products are Effective Solutions that improve metabolism so athletes can perform @ higher levels.


We provide a platform for individuals to elevate and maximize their potential in life and personal endeavors.

We have partnered with a Non Profit fulfillment center: EPI-HAB

Epi-Hab Phoenix, Inc. is a 50+ year old, totally self-sufficient, not-for-profit company.

Our mission is “to provide meaningful employment for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges by performing valued work for area businesses.”


Our focus is to increase levels of health through education and the highest quality products, backed by science and developed with the consumer in mind. We are thoughtful with our handpicked selection of ingredients, vetting the raw materials to their unique supplier.


We look at the sustainability, and footprint of the ingredients as this is important to our Global Vision of a healthier life and world.

 This thoughtful business encompasses more than just products, we view MOXiLIFE™ as an opportunity to enhance other philanthropic landscapes also.


 EPI-HAB was founded to support those individuals afflicted with Epilepsy and physically restricting ailments. This facility broadened their scope to welcome other physically restricting issues and accommodates many ‘limited’ individuals.


We are also Sponsors of the Phoenix TRI FOR THE CURE.

We deliver food for the elderly on Fridays in the Gilbert area.


We reach out to those that need a helping hand.