More On Pür Fuel™

Pür Fuel™ provides an even stream of carbohydrates, without spikes and or crashes while reducing and eliminating stomach distress aka, Gut Rot, associated with high fructose, sugar, honey or difficult to digest carbohydrate sources.
The gastrointestinal track; for all endurance athletes, is under stress while simulating high intensity race conditions in training.

Stress causes the release of inflammatory cytokines which may be the culprit behind GI distress during races. The GI reacts to stress and the result is ‘less than’ optimal conditions for nutrient absorption.
To efficiently elevate the amount of carbohydrate the body can absorb, we suggest Pür Fuel™ as your optimal fuel source to maintain the best gut environment, while reducing the stomach distress commonly associated with simple sugars and gels.
The most common athlete adverse events are bloating, nausea, excess gas & occasionally diarrhea. 

Individual Osmolality , cellular uptake ability & gastrointestinal adaptation also needs to be included into your fuel choices.