What Makes MOXiLIFE Nutrition Better than Other Sport Nutrition?

We will keep the reasons to buy MOXiLIFE Nutrition  clean and simple.... 

  1. HAND SELECTED ingredient suppliers; whom we trust, scrubbed and vetted, are the only ingredient suppliers we buy our ingredients from. There is nothing like Mom's home cooked meals, right? Well, the same care and attention that is put into Mom's home cooked dinners, goes into MOXiLIFE Nutrition products.  

Why is hand selection important?

A majority of ingredients in the sport nutrition industry are sourced globally, and over 80% originate from China.

So what if ingredients come from China?

Well, when we vet our ingredient suppliers, we seek ingredients that do not use any chemical 'solvents' within their production process. Chemical solvents are known to be carcinogenic and are endocrine disruptors.

So what difference does that make....?

By introducing a continual stream of chemical solvents into the body, the liver detoxification process becomes longer, the toxic load becomes heavier on the liver and less  liver glycogen storage capacity is, inevitable. 

It is much like dropping grains of sand in the same spot for years, with a sand pile eventually showing up.

2. BUYING INGREDIENTS is a practice that only a hand full of sport nutrition companies entertain these days. This is the most expensive means of manufacturing and production for bringing a product to market.

Why SHOULD buying ingredients be an important factor to your purchase?

This goes back to our first statement regarding hand selecting. Most sport nutrition brands provide a formulation or recipe to the company that will blend and package their products. These companies are called contract manufacturers(CM's).  

The CMs source all ingredients, and packaging materials (makes it simple for the brand). These ingredient sourcing and packaging decisions are entirely based on volume and are cost driven.

The lowest minimum order quantity, with the best pricing, will always win out.

CM's do not care about the ingredient quality, nor do they care about the level of active components driving the ability of the ingredient to do what it needs to do in the body. The bottom line comes first.

Basically, the cheapest ingredients are commonly used in all sport nutrition because the importance is on ROI, vs long term health of athletes.

3. It's the Athletes Health First in our book. We are athletes ourselves and have been all our lives. We also have the 'behind the scenes' and know the supplement industry intimately, working as educators and seeing various; contract  and ingredient manufacturing facilities.

This insiders understanding and intimate knowledge of how this supplement industry works and why, and how, sports nutrition products are brought to market, makes us DO SPORTS NUTRITION DIFFERENTLY.

ASIDE FROM THE ABOVE: We also are tired of the tasteless, conventional, and gimmicky trends and fads used to make a product stand out. MOXiLIFE hydration is make to be diluted with more water, allowing for taste variations and greater hydration potential.

Yeah, don't worry about the dilution of electrolytes! We thought of that also.

We use clinically validated, high absorbing electrolytes and chelated minerals to facilitate complete absorption. Up to 6x higher absorption than inorganic, ionic electrolytes. AS AN FYI: chemically speaking; ionic and inorganic minerals are 'reactive' and tend to grab onto components in the gut which render a mineral unavailable for absorption. These components are called phytate and oxalates. 

Lipstick on a pig.

95% of Electrolyte drinks use the same inorganic, ionic electrolyte mineral forms. which have a high probability of not being absorbed during exercise. AND they don't use a complete ratio of electrolytes needed to complete the energy cycle.

These brands are also using potentially carcinogenic ingredients to create trendy tablets for convenience purposes. Aside from the ingredient integrity, these brands purposely do not provide enough flavor per tablet serving which makes consumers used 2 tablets/ servings per waterbottle; based on consumer surveys and questionnaires.

That $8.00 10 serving purchase, just  decreased to 5 servings; increasing per serving costs.