Why does MOXiLIFE® use Albion™ Minerals?


Albion™ was founded by Dr. Harvey H. Ashmead in 1956. As a pharmacist, Dr. Ashmead brought an overriding philosophy to his fledgling company that exists at Albion™ to this day: 

“To help improve the circumstances of his fellow man.”

During his extensive travels, Dr. Ashmead came to believe that improvements in the nutritional status of people worldwide was sorely needed.

To this end he devoted his life to researching nutritional issues and advancing the nutritional status of less fortunate people. He sought to do this through improving the bioavailability of minerals.

He researched methods to improve crop production through mineral application on the leaf. He recognized the importance of minerals in animal nutrition and devoted additional research efforts to improved animal performance.

With extensive animal nutrition knowledge it was a natural step for him to focus on human nutrition needs.

Working side by side with his father Harvey since 1960, DeWayne Ashmead helped propel the company to become globally recognized leader in mineral fortification. DeWayne had the same passion for understanding and innovating mineral nutrition. Together they conducted research for the treatment of mineral deficiencies in animals and received their first patent in May of 1965. 

Through continued study, the Ashmead’s noted that minerals were not well absorbed in animals.

They commenced research to discover, why?

They learned that animals chelate the mineral in the body to make them more readily absorbed.

They decided to try pre-chelating minerals before feeding them to animals. Ultimately, chelated mineral products for animal nutrition were developed based on the Ashmeads’ absorption and bioavailability research.

Albion™ chelated minerals became an industry standard and were included in nutritional products for improved animal health and performance world-wide.


The success of ongoing research into the safety and effectiveness of minerals chelated to amino acids convinced the Ashmead’s that Albion™ was ready to move into human nutrition.

After studying the results in thousands of animals, research with human subjects began in 1968. In 1970 Albion introduced a line of patented amino acid chelates designed to support human nutrition. Many companies around the world quickly accepted Albion’s™ research and incorporated Albion’s™ amino acid chelates in their own brands of products.

 Today Albion™ is a science and research based company and continues to build on the vision of innovative mineral products through sound research. Through ongoing research and product development, Albion™ stays at the forefront of new understanding of the role minerals play in day-to-day health. Through the development of innovative nutritional products the vision stays alive.

Today  the Ashmead’s torch is still carried on by The Balchem™ Corporation. 


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