MOXiLIFE® Endurance Nutrition Home Page Introduction

MOXiLIFE® is an Endurance Athlete's Nutrition and Education Resource.

Maximize your Performance and Speed up Recovery while empowering your MOXi with knowledge and data.

We have formulated sports nutrition products specifically for your Hydration, Daily Nutrition and Recovery.
Our products are designed for your personal nutrient levels so you can 

"MOVE With MOXi"™.

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All of our vitamins are plant sourced and the minerals are chelated TRAACS™, providing your body efficient recognition and fast absorption. Our Magnesium Supplement HydraMag® uses the best absorbing Magnesium Chelate; bonded with 2 amino acids to aid intestinal uptake. 

We have industry insight to how to improve your nutrition and perfomance, we are nutrition experts and walk the talk.

We are educators and are changing the endurance athlete nutrition platform to become nutrient density focused and back to the basics of how to elevate your performance, safely and effectively.

 It can all start with elevating one critical mineral: Magnesium


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