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How Can Endurance Athletes Create a Higher Heat Tolerance?

Magnesium controls the amount of Sodium and Potassium the body requires at a cellular level. The high absorbing Magnesium in HydraMag® maximizes the functionality of any Sodium and Potassium that enters the system.

By increasing our hydration; elevating the fluids at a cellular level and increasing the utilization of the other electrolytes, reduces cellular friction. The natural aspect of Magnesium; opening up capilaries and veins allowing for greater blood flow, naturally reduces the build up of heat.

What Micronutrient is Critical to Endurance Athletes? 🤷🏻‍♀️

What is going to get you across the finish line faster may not be the light pedals, the components or the fancy frame.

It's really about how 'the machine' is able to utilize the nutrients provided and maximize the energy efficiency.

Check out  the blog to find out what your body needs to enable a faster finish and better recovery and read the Magnesium Ironman Beta Test White Paper .

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