Nutrition Studies

 Clinical Studies Linking Magnesium with Common Endurance Athletes Health Issues


Vitamin D and Magnesium: Bone Health Stress Fractures

Training Volume:

Training Intensity: removal of lactic acid

 Magnesium and Liver: how a little too much 'fun' may affect performance

Hypokalemia and Magnesium deficiency

A magnesium deficient society

 Asthma and the athlete

Magnesium in Depression 

Menopause and Magnesium How Mg deficiency affect BMD

Bone Mineral Density and Swimmers

Magnesium and exercise 

Magnesium and Extreme Physical Stress

 Endothelial Cells and Magnesium: Implications in Atherosclerosis

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Psychological Studies pertaining to Magnesium:

  • Eby G, Eby K. Rapid recovery from major depression using magnesium treatment. Medical Hypotheses. 2006;67(2):362-370. Available from: MEDLINE with Full Text, Ipswich, MA. Accessed March 24, 2010. [↵]

 Asthma and Hormone

  •       Facchinetti F., Sances G., Borella P., Genazzani A.R., Nappi G. Magnesium prophylaxis of menstrual migraine: effects on intracellular magnesium. Headache. 1991;31:298-301. [↵]

 Why All Migraine Patients Should Be Treated With Magnesium

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  • Oral Magnesium Supplements Decrease High Blood Pressure (SBP>155mmHg) in Hypertensive Subjects on Anti-Hypertensive Medications: A Targeted Meta-Analysis Megnes Res; 2013 Oct 16 [Epub ahead of print].Rosanoff A, et al.
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     Inorganic mineral competition

      Whats absorbed and whats not?

    Low energy USDA study

    USDA research studies on Magnesium:

    Strength in elite judo athletes according to intracellular water changes.

    • Magnes Res 2010; 23: 138–141

     Zinc clincal studies:


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