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HydraMag® Magnesium “High Absorbing” Chelate

Multifunctional Mineral

$39.99 $11.99 $27.99 Essential to ATP energy, prevents cramps, migraines, natural anti-inflammatory mineral, reduces sore muscles, increases carbohydrate utilization, reduces lactic acid, 


MultiVitamin Electrolyte

$39.99 $11.99 $27.99 Sweat replacer, brain booster, natural energy from plant vitamins


Complete Low Sugar Electrolyte Drink 3 Flavors

$22.99 $6.89 $16.09 Feeds & heals gut, Optimizes carbohydrate recognition, hydrates faster

Athletes Iron™ 

Blood Booster

$15.99 $4.79 $11.19 Reduces monthly fatigue, increases ferritin levels, elevates muscle oxygenation


Püre Carbohydrate Fuel

$34.99 $10.49 $24.49 Flavor free gel replacer, reduces bloating, provides longer lasting energy, clinically proven to extend endurance, can be added to broths for savory

It’s a perfect time to get your intercellular biomarkers tested and find out where your nutrition gaps are. Metadata research shows most athletes, especially female athletes are iron and magnesium deficient. 

Athlete’s Iron™ and HydraMag® Magnesium have been Beta tested to replenish deficiencies in less than 3 weeks.

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