Buyers Guide to Electrolyte Sport Drinks

The below Cost Comparison Chart let's you decide on how to invest your $'s.

Brand Cost


 MOXiLyte™20-40 Svg pouch: $22.99

X Brand

10 Tablets $7.00

X Brand 20 Svg pouch: $19.99 x 1 Scoop

16 fluid oz-Sm water bottle

½ scoop


1 tablet $.70/serving

1 scoop $1.00/serving

20 fluid oz-Small water bottle

1/2>>>1 scoop


2 tablets $1.40

1.5 scoops


24-32 fluid oz-Lg water bottle

1 scoop


3 tablets $2.10

2 scoops



MOXiLyte™ is a multi-carbohydrate electrolyte drink of substance, the fullest flavored of all electrolyte sport drinks

MOXiLyte™ Daily Sport Electrolyte Drink

3 Thirst Quenching 'Complete' Sweat Replacement Beverages

  • Mad Mango™- Fresh ‘Tommy Atkins’ Mango flavor, combined with a subtle hint of Hawaiian Papaya, creates a soft tropical smooth drink.
  • Vicious Citrus™-Myer Lemon combined with Persian Lime, balanced with Mandarin Oranges delivers a well-rounded easy to sip beverage.
  • BIG Berry LemonAid™-Fresh Organic Berries provide the front-end flavors while the Myer Lemon ‘tang’, hits a quenching back note.

 All flavors contain a balanced ratio of patented electrolytes, combined with 100% Magnesium Chelate, to quickly replenish your electrolyte requirements.

MOXiLyte™ robust flavors provide untouchable economy with high performing electrolytes.

Pure, Smooth and Refreshing

Robust and striking

Overwhelmingly Satisfying

Numerous athletes surveyed, resulted in an interesting use of electrolyte tablets. Most athletes were found to use on average, 2 tablets per water bottle. The reason was to enhance the flavor to provide an acceptable taste while exercising. The amount of electrolytes per serving was not the driving factor to adding tablets.  


When is the best time to use MOXiLyte™ Electrolyte drink?

MOXiLyte is perfect for daily hydration or enjoyed during less than 1.5 hour of activities. Formulated to replace electrolytes lost during 1 hour worth of exercise.
Perfect for light training, recovery days and hydration between workouts.

Why is MOXiLyte better than other electrolytes drinks?

  1. MOXiLyte™ contains ALL critical electrolytes, (Ca, Na, K, P, Cl, Mg) necessary for full cellular function and electrical conduction. Most electrolyte sport drinks don't have the full spectrum of electrolytes and some only contain K & Na.
  2. We have added chelated Magnesium to enhance the working capacity of the sodium and potassium pump.
  3. The multi-carbohydrate, low sugar recipe includes Cluster Dextrin®, providing both sustainable and immediate energy, triggering all carbohydrate burning pathways.

Why is MOXiLyte™ Low Sugar? Don’t You need Sugar?

Yes, the body does need sugar energy during exercise and training.  Each individual caloric requirements are vastly different and can vary from 300-600+ calories per hour, depending on the individual metabolism and training intensity.
The key to endurance training is to find the proper balance of carbohydrates for your metabolism and exercise intensity.
 The key to recovery is to reduce inflammation in the body and studies have determined that sugar increases inflammatory biomarkers.
MOXiLyte™ provides 4grms of carbohydrates and 24 calories per serving.   Ingesting high amounts of sugars and carbohydrates; that are not used up/utilized during exercise, creates a metabolic imbalance and potential vascular and muscle inflammation.
Best practices for maximized carbohydrate utilization include, starting out with less sugars and carbohydrate sources then working your way up to your personalized hourly caloric burn rate.
Efficient utilization of glycogen stores and targeted amounts of usable carbohydrates optimizes your training and recovery, without inflammation.
The amount of glycogen in the liver provides approximately enough energy resources for 1 hour worth of intensity dependent exercise.

What does it mean to be a ‘Concentrated Electrolyte Drink’?

MOXiLIFE® added MORE natural flavors to each serving, so you can adjust taste by adding more, or less water.
Most electrolyte drinks are formulated to mix with 8-16oz of fluids. To enhance the quality of taste more servings are needed. MOXiLyte™ can be added up to 32fluid ounces of water without extra product needed for taste enhancement.
Conventional mainstream electrolyte tablets are convenient however, become costly to maintain a positive electrolyte balance. Athletes traditionally add 2 tablets to each water bottle due to enhanced taste needs, not necessarily a need for electrolyte requirements.
Enjoy MOXiLyte™ as a robust daily hydration beverage or as a light & mild training sport drink.
Providing great tasting hydration options for your personal needs will increase your desire to drink more during exercise.
You won’t end up with a half empty bottle after your ride or run.

What is the best type of Sport Drink: Hypertonic, Isotonic, Hypotonic? Where does MOXiLyte™ fit in?

Studies show that during exercise the cellular demands most often require a Hypotonic beverage for maximized cellular electrolyte and fluid uptake.
Resting and off days, Isotonic beverages are generally found to meet the cellular fluid requirements.
Hypertonic beverages are normally utilized during extreme conditions of dehydration or abnormal fluid losses. Normally at this cellular dehydration stage, IV are normally used as a best practice.
Depending on the amount of fluids added, MOXiLyte™ can fluctuate between Isotonic and Hypotonic. 16-20 fluid ounces of water added will provide a balanced isotonic range for most athletes who maintain a hydrating diet.
We recommend MOXiLyte™ be added to OsmoCarb™ to elevate the caloric content for extended training over 1.5 hours. OsmoCarb™ provides 15 carbs or 57 calories per serving, is extremely soluble and taste free.