Carbohydrate Intake Protocols

Carbohydrate intake is based on research metadata.

The below gram dosage applies for the majority of endurance athletes however individual use and factors need to be applied to amounts of carbohydrates used during training and racing. 

Carbohydrate Intake Rule of Thumb per body weight:

30g after the first 60 min is enough for training lasting 60-90 min.
60 g per hour after the first 2 - 2.5 hours
90 g per hour after 3 hours → dependent on high intensity exercise (~75% of maximal effort)
Individual carbohydrate needs will vary.
Physiological Digestion factors:

Sources of carbohydrates vary upon gastric tolerance and carbohydrate digestibility.

Carbohydrate digestion may be reduced due to the individuals digestive enzyme production and or gastric acid production.

Low amounts of amylase enzyme produced in the body have been shown to elevate GI digestion issues and increase discomfort during endurance sports.

Inability to digest carbohydrates depends on the form of carbohydrate used during training and gut adaptation prior to racing.

Low micronutrient, vitamins and minerals, levels have been associated with the bodies inability to produce amylase enzymes needed to break down carbohydrates.