FAQs HydraMag Magnesium

HydraMag® Magnesium FAQ’s:

What is the best time of day to drink HydraMag® Magnesium?

  • mornings and evenings
  • Can also be enjoyed during exercise

What is the Best HydraMag® Protocol?

  • We suggest starting with 1 serving daily for 1 week and progress to 1- 2 servings daily on week 2. Continue with 2 servings daily for your first container and evaluate your symptoms.
  • Regulate Magnesium needs based on your individual symptoms.
  • Continue taking 2 servings daily or reduce to a single serving based on your needs

When do I take HydraMag®?

  • HydraMag® is designed to be a daily supplement, taken 2x daily to increase Magnesium intercellular levels

Can I take More than 2 servings per day?

  • We suggest complimenting your diet with Magnesium rich food & produce  to balance our your individual needs. If you have persistent Magnesium deficiency symptoms we suggest you consult your MD for further testing.

Why does HydraMag® cost what it does?

  •             HydraMag®formulates with the best known absorbable form of Magnesium. It is amino acid activated. MOXiLIFE® uses a patented organic form of Magnesium designed to be absorbed faster and more effectively than inorganic(not recognized by the body) forms.

The raw material supplier; Albion Minerals™ has numerous clinical studies validating the physiological efficacy through 3rd party institutions. www.albionminerals.com

            Additionally, used as directed, it does not cause a laxative effect like most tablets or pills.

What is the difference between Magnesium Oxide and HydraMag®?

            Magnesium oxide and other ionic minerals need to convert into an organic ‘form’ or dipeptide like molecular structure, that is recognizable by your body. HydraMag® is a pre-converted ‘form’ which does not require conversion in the body.

What does HydraMag@ do?

For Endurance Athletes it supports the following:

  • Electrolyte intercellular regulation and balance; supports the Sodium/Potassium pump

  • Helps promote muscle relaxation which is necessary to oppose the contractions during exercise and to prevent cramping

  • Supports carbohydrate conversion

Can I take it during a race?

  •                         Yes, it can be used during races to help your existing electrolyte formula work more efficiently and taste better. Only one serving(150 mg); or stick pack, is needed per 2-3 hour ride. You can sprinkle it throughout your water bottles. Races or training exceeding 6 hours up to 3 servings can be used throughout all you water bottles.

Is HydraMag® safe for teenagers?

  •             Yes, it is safe for teenagers and helps teenage girls with monthly cramping

Is HydraMag® safe for the elderly?

  •             Yes, it is safe for the elderly, both men and women.

Is HydraMag® safe for Diabetics and individuals with insulin sensitivities?

  • Yes, it was designed specifically with these specific society segments due to its increase. HydraMag is beat juice & stevia sweetened. Zero sugars and with only 12 calories it is a great beverage for the KETO platform. 

Does HydraMag® contain gluten?

    • No HydraMag® is gluten free, hypoallergenic, & Vegan.

“This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnosetreatcure, or prevent any disease.”