HydraMag® Ironman Athlete Race Data

We have DATA supporting how well this product works...Enjoy our educational efforts to elevate your micronutrient knowledge and elevating your performance outcomes.

We are ALWAYS asked if there is going to be HydraMag® on the course, because it has helped many athletes get through their race. Well we don’t have the deep pockets but we sure love cheering ya’ll on, so that we did!

Winds were high and flags were straight.

In those conditions your body ends up burning more energy than during normal training rides because of the obvious: It’s a RACE and headwinds were wicked and you swam 3800m before pushing WATTS. 

I’m the MOXiLIFE Nutrition Founder & a 6x IM Finisher myself. I get what you go through; been there, done that. I thought some athletes might need a little help after the Beeline Bashing. 

HydraMag® contains the ONLY Magnesium Beta Tested by Triathletes 

We had some takers on the first lap; of 3, who were starting to ‘twitch’ and on lap 2 & 3 they came over to THANK ME for saving their race. I love that. I know it works b/c I was that “Scramper.”...screaming cramper.. you know who they are, you’ve seen it! I solved my muscle issues over time... but I don’t cramp any more.

When the body NEEDS a nutrient, and it gets it into the body, the body delivers it to where it needs it most. Period.

One Dad said his daughter was going to DNF because she seized up and couldn’t move...I said try the HydraMag® it can only help..... She sipped on it while walking and he came back and showed me the DATA that she stopped cramping and was able to keep moving in the right direction...to the Finish.

Ironman AZ Athlete Data

 She started the death march at about 10 miles into it. Slowed down, sat down, painfully walked but rebounded after sipping on HydraMag®  for a few minutes and picked up her pace and finished with a smile.

That’s everyone’s goal at the end of the day.. Glad we were able to help some of you out...

And to the GUY who yelled about the bad taste.....

The packets are supposed to be ADDED to water, not consumed like a pixie stick. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️.

I think he missed the minor detail I was yelling the entire time on the course...”Just add water”. 

Please feel free to reach out with questions. We’d love to hear from you.

Founder: Theresa