Hyper Hydrating Pre-RACE™️ Drink System.

Stay hydrated and energized with PRE-RACE™ Premium Micronutrient Sport Hydration System.

ENHANCED WITH VITACHOLINE®. Get a head start on your pre-race nutrition with this electrolyte solution, fortified with key vitamins and whole food vitamins. It's also packed with brain activating choline to help you focus and stay alert throughout your activity. Get ready to take it to the next level, no matter the sport! With our PRE-RACE™ Premium Micronutrient Sport Hydration System, you'll have the nutrition you need for peak performance, helping build muscle memory with every activity.

Achieve Extended Endurance with a 'STACKED' Real Energy Formula

Hand selected nutrients, intricately working in unison at the cellular level, designed to maximize athlete’s focus, endurance & recovery.

Inflammation fighting nutrients helps you train, race & repeat.

Stabilize your blood glucose while enhancing muscle memory( the nerve to muscle functions ) & maximizing cellular hydration.

Anti-Nausea herbs to help reduce stress related gut disturbances most athletes have at the tail end of a race.


Why are micronutrients important for athletes?

Micronutrients play a critical role in energy production, hemoglobin synthesis,  bone health maintenance, elevated immune function, and protection against oxidative body damage. Micronutrients assist with synthesis and repair of muscle tissue during recovery from exercise and injury.

PRE-RACE™ Contains a sophisticated synergistic combination of hand selected & vetted nutrients.

PRERACE™ delivers elevated amounts of energy enhancing patented electrolytes, with metabolic & brain activating micronutrients. 

We are the FIRST company to introduce Choline; as VitaCholine®, A KEY ‘Ultra-Hydrating” & ’Brain- Boosting’ nutrient. 

Athletic Benefits of Choline: Osmocity, Brain Enhancer, Focus Fuel

Each Sip Provides:

Cell Activating SuperFoods
Improved Muscle Memory
All Electrolytes & 90%+ Trace Minerals
Anti-Nausea Calming Herbs
The targeted micronutrient nutrient combination supports elevated neurotransmissionacetylcholine reproduction & enhanced brain function, enabling razor sharp focus and muscle memory.

VitaCholine® enhances neuro plasticity and focus; by elevating acetylcholine while strengthening telomeres and bridging synapse gaps for sustainable training and racing energy. 

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