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MOXiLIFE Sport Hydration for Endurance Athletes

MOXiLyte™ is A COMPLETE Electrolyte Replacement Sport Drink:

Salt, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Calcium & Trace Minerals 

MOXiLyte Electrolyte Sport Drink

Each flavor provides mouthwatering satisfaction of quality real fruit flavors. This premium fruit blend and carefully constructed 'real' ingredients, completely eliminates the dry and an un-satisfying electrolyte mineral taste commonly found with most sport hydration drinks. 

 “MOXiLyte™ Goes Down Smooth”....

MOXiLyte™ Electrolyte Hydration Drink MOXiLIFE Nutrition 

Time to explore MOXiLyte™. The best tasting, satisfying and most COMPLETE Sweat Replacer.

Female cyclist

Enjoyed by Professional, Age Groupers & Weekend Warriors 


How many times do you end up leaving your bottle half full sitting on the counter or in your bike cage? 

No undissolved tablets to find at the bottom of your bottle or 'face' fizz to deal with.😉

Hydration works better when it’s consumed.

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