Pre-RACE: VitaCholine®️ Enhanced Pre Workout Elixer

Let's start at the top... Our Metabolic MAXIMIZER

Choline L+ Bitartrate, as VitaCholine®️

Pre-RACE™️ contains added CHOLINE, as VitaCholine®, to increase neuromuscular (Brain to Muscle) communication. The precursor to acetylcholine. VitaCholine®, maximizes sustainable energy for the duration of training, racing & daily activities.

This robust and synergistically stacked hydration system ensures the maximum amount energy when you need it most.

Additionally, Pre-RACE™️ activates acetylcholine; which maximizes communication between brain, nerves, and muscles. Helping muscles remember your maximum training peaks while racing.
Athletic Benefits of Choline: Osmocity, Brain Enhancer, Focus Fuel
  • Helps Fast Twitch Muscles respond and work better
  • Keeps Focus longer, reduces pre race "race brain"
  • Increases Cellular Hydration  Speed; clinically proven.
  • Supports Cellular Osmoticity
    •  VitaCholine®️ Enhances cellular osmosis, increases focus and cognitive function, reduces fatigue and helps liver functionality

The whole food vitamins* and electrolyte in Pre RACE™️ are a superior combination of critical metabolic nutrients, keeping your head in the game ,while burning both fuel sources: carbs & fats.

Fast absorbing 'Real Food Vitamins’(from fruits and vegetables)   

*No Synthetic 'petro-chemical'  vitamins

Albion™ Minerals-Highly Absorbable Electrolytes

Clinically Validated with a patented delivery system to maximize electrolyte uptake
Calci-K™ Complex
    Potassium: as Calci-K™ 
    Calcium: as Calci-K™
    Phosphorus: as CalciK™ 
    Himalayan Sea Salt- Trace minerals

      Pure Hawaiian Nutrex® Spirulina  

      powder Super Foods with filled scoops

      • Hawaiian  Nutrex® Spirulina: The Oceans Superfood! Complete Amino Acid profile and Omegas! An easily digestible nutrient dense protein profile, supporting muscles and electrolyte absorption.
      • Recovery Superfood: Rich in Omegas and Minerals
      Abstract on Spirulina*:

      A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study of spirulina supplementation on indices of mental and physical fatigue in men

      Spirulina may increase people's ability to resist mental and physical fatigue. This study tested that hypothesis in a randomized, double blinded, placebo controlled study in men. After 1 week, a 3 g/day dose of spirulina produced a small, but statistically significant increase in exercise output (Kcals consumed in 30 min exercise on a cross trainer machine). A mathematical based mental fatigue test showed improved performance 4 h after the first time of supplementation as well as 8 weeks later. Similarly, a subjective survey for a sense of physical and mental fatigue showed improvement within 4 h of the first supplementation as well as 8 weeks later. These results show that spirulina intake can affect fatigue in men.


        Each Pre Race™ serving provides one daily serving of fruit and vegetables.

        Perfect for between meals and ON THE GO nutrient dense hydration.

        • Plant Based Vitamin blend sourced from NON-GMO Fruit and Vegetables, Garden Fresh and made to order maximizing the complete absorption of nutrients 
        •  Electrolyte ratio is formulated to replenish average hourly sweat lost, based on clinical studies of extreme athletes
        •  All ingredients are selected for the efficacious clinical research, freshness, verified quality, and known location of origin



        “This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnosetreatcure, or prevent any disease.”