PÜRE FUEL™ Information & Use Directions

 PÜRE FUEL™ Use Directions:

Carbohydrate loading the first 3/4 of any endurance race provides the GI the best opportunity; and least GI distressed environment, to uptake calories needed for the race duration.

‘Front loading’ with a highly digestible  & absorbable form of carbohydrate can elevate glycogen uptake, without GI distress.

The GI tolerance diminishes and nutrient absorption slows down due to inflammation and blood flow redistribution while racing. To maximize PÜRE Fuels fullest potential please use the following introduction protocol

Week 1:

1 serving (2 rounded Tablespoons) provides 15gm carbs/57 calories  

Adaptation phase: Add one scoop to daily hydration. Increases the GI recognition and carbohydrate utilization. Not intended for caloric exercise requirements.

Week 2:

2 servings (4 rounded Tablespoons) provides 30gm carbs/114 calories  

Hourly Incorporation Phase: Add caloric needs to water bottle during up to one hours worth of exercise. 

Week 3:

4 servings (8 rounded Tablespoons) provides 60gm carbs/228 calories  

Add hourly caloric needs; up to 60 grams (or personal utilization limit), to water bottle. for first 3 to 4 hours of exercise.   

PÜRE FUEL™  Can be combined with other simple or complex carbohydrate sources as needed.

    Hourly carbohydrate utilization is athlete individualized however there are carbohydrate usage guidelines to follow, based on meta data.
    Carbohydrate overload creates undigested carbohydrates, causing GI distress and bloating.
    Digestion always requires blood flow to the stomach causing internal blood flow competition, prioritizing stomach blood flow vs extremity blood flow.
    Not only are you reducing blood flow to where it is needed, you are increasing digestion distress.
    To minimize blood flow redirection & maximize digested carbohydrate utilization, our solution is to add your hourly caloric needs; as PÜRE Fuel™, into your hydration separately.
    Maltodextrin and simple sugars create glycemic spikes and crashes and do not exit the stomach quickly.
    These glycoside bonds in PÜRE Fuel™, have a very low molecular weight, thus the osmotic pressure is lower than blood; creating a ‘hypotonic’ environment, enabling rapid intestinal absorption pushing fluids through the cell walls. 2
    Faster Gastric Emptying than dextrin, maltodextrin, sugars.
    Reduces Bloating & Excessive gas while racing and training.

    Clinical evidence concludes that under-hydrated cells absorb hypotonic drinks faster to extend endurance and elevate hydration. [1]

    Personalize your Caloric Consumption for Maximum Results

    PÜRE Fuel™, is composed of cyclic carbohydrate chains which are packed into tight clusters via enzymatic breakdown and resulting in Amylopectin.

    Amylopectin consists of glycoside bonds, resulting in FAST and EASY digestion.


    Please review the Educational video

    Cluster Dextrin® (Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin) is a new type of dextrin that is produced from amylopectin via a cyclization reaction of a branching enzyme (BE, 1,4-α-D-glucan: 1,4-α-D-glucan 6-α-D-(1,4-α-D-glucano)-transferase, EC Ezaki Glico has successfully achieved industrial production of Cluster Dextrin® by applying its unique technology in enzymology. A Swimming Endurance Study with Cluster Dextrin® demonstrated a 50% increase to fatigue.*

    Cluster Dextrin® improved Gastric Emptying Time compared in Glucose & Dextrin based solutions with a significantly higher tolerance. 

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